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Some Use Uber Every Day; Stay Cautious

Uber and other rideshare companies are continually growing in popularity here in Montebello and other areas of California. Sometimes rideshares feel safer and more reliable than public transportation, and sometimes it is simply more efficient to take an Uber. There are times when Ubers do not feel safe and efficient, however, particularly when they are involved in car accidents. Montebello Uber accident attorneys know that an Uber accident was not a part of your plan and neither were liability and insurance complications, but our attorneys can help.

Who Is Liable?

Rideshare companies are able to minimize their liability for accidents by hiring drivers as independent contractors, instead of as employees. Employers’ insurance companies are typically responsible for covering employees’ actions while they are working so that if, for example, an employee causes a car accident while working, the employer’s insurance policy covers the resulting injuries and damages.

Prior to California’s Uber law, people injured in Uber accidents were sometimes left without insurance coverage. This generally happened when a driver had the Uber app open in his or her vehicle but had not yet accepted a ride. Uber would deny coverage at that point because the driver had not accepted a ride, and the Uber driver’s insurance company would refuse coverage because the Uber driver was driving for hire. California’s rideshare law has helped to straighten some of the liability and insurance issues out.

Understanding Our State Rideshare Laws

After seeing that Uber was escaping liability in some cases where its drivers caused accidents, the state of California decided to fight back on behalf of its residents and visitors who utilize rideshares across the state. Now when Uber drivers are logged into the app, whether they have accepted a ride, Uber’s insurance policy will typically cover injuries caused by their Uber driver’s fault. While California’s law has benefited people injured in Uber accidents, rideshare accidents are still complicated, and recovering for injuries and damages can still be difficult for injured parties.

When rideshare accidents happen, it is not only rideshare passengers who are at risk for injuries. Other people injured in rideshare accidents include passengers of other vehicles involved in the accident, pedestrians struck by an Uber, bicyclists who collide with an Uber, and the Uber driver as well.

Insurance Companies And Their Role

Even when fault and insurance coverage is clear, receiving a full and fair recovery for Uber accident injuries can be difficult without a rideshare expert attorney. Insurance companies are more concerned with how much money they have to pay for a claim, making sure that injured parties receive the settlements that they deserve.

Let’s Discuss Your Case; Call Today

When an attorney is advocating on your behalf, you are much more likely to receive a fair settlement. If you have been injured in a rideshare accident, contact a Montebello Uber accident attorney to discuss the facts of your case and injuries sustained. Call 323-693-1052.