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Holding Professionals Accountable Is Imperative

The word ‘malpractice’ usually makes people think of negligent doctors or lawyers, but other professionals may be guilty of malpractice as well. When professionals provide substandard services or advice to clients who have engaged their professional services and relied on their abilities and advice, they may be guilty of professional negligence.

At The Hayes Law Firm, our professional malpractice attorneys understand the responsibility placed on professionals who are hired for their expertise. When a client is harmed because a professional was negligent, that professional deserves to be held accountable and that the client deserves to be compensated.

Proving Professional Malpractice

In order to prove professional malpractice in California, in general, a plaintiff must prove the following:

  • The professional owed the plaintiff a duty of care. This is typically established by proving that the plaintiff hired the professional for his or her expertise.
  • That the professional breached that duty of care. This is often proved by hiring other experts in the same profession to testify that the defendant’s conduct failed to conform with the skill and care that would have been exercised by other similarly situated professionals, by the profession’s code of practice or the profession’s self-regulating board.
  • That the plaintiff suffered harm caused by the defendant’s professional negligence.

Professional negligence cases can be incredibly complex due to the advanced knowledge and understanding of the profession that is required. This is where professional experts come in. They will help during the investigation to find when and how the defendant was negligent and they may be used as experts during trial preparation and at trial, if necessary. Finding a professional expert that can spot the negligence and articulate the breach during discovery and at trial is very important for the plaintiff’s case. It is critical to hire an experienced professional negligence attorney who will have local expert contacts to help your case.

Types Of Professional Malpractice

Professionals are experts in a particular field who have elevated experience and education in that field and they often hold related licenses and advanced degrees. See below for different types of professionals that may owe a duty of care to those people relying on their services or advice.

  • Accountants
  • Financial advisors
  • Attorneys
  • Medical professionals
  • Dentists
  • Builders and contractors
  • Designers and architects
  • Engineers
  • Real estate professionals
  • Building and home inspectors
  • Insurance agents
  • Social workers
  • Psychologists

This list is not all-encompassing. Generally, when people hold themselves out as having a particular area of expertise and they are hired for that expertise, they owe a duty of care to their client and should be held responsible when that client is physically, emotionally, or financially harmed because they breached that duty of care.

It’s Important To Act Now; Call Today

Professional negligence experts at The Hayes Law Firm rightly hold themselves and the services they provide to a high standard and they believe other professionals should do the same. If you were harmed because of someone’s professional malpractice, contact us to discuss your claim at 323-693-1052. Our attorneys have the experience, skill and expert professional contacts in order to fight for the financial recovery that you deserve.