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Lyft Accident
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Lyft Accidents Are Becoming More Common

It is almost hard to remember what it was like before Lyft and other rideshares came on the scene less than a decade ago. Rideshares have changed transportation for Montebello residents and everywhere else around California by allowing people to hail rides with a simple request through their respective rideshare apps. Lyft was founded in 2012 and Uber not long before that, which may be why there are still some rideshare kinks to be worked out, especially when it comes to accidents and liability.

California residents appreciate the ease and convenience of rideshares, but those who find themselves involved in a rideshare accident may quickly realize that there are some things that are not easy and convenient when it comes to rideshares. Rideshares in California are not heavily regulated like other common carriers in California, which means that hiring a rideshare comes with some risks that may not be there with taxi cabs, buses and other public transportation.

The Many Risks You Face With Lyft

  • So long as they pass a background check, have a license and meet a couple of other easy requirements, almost anyone is allowed to become a Lyft driver.
  • Lyft considers its driver’s independent contractors, which allows Lyft to escape some liability and responsibility for its drivers’ actions, although California has cracked down on that with some new rideshare laws.
  • Unlike taxicabs and other common carrier drivers, Lyft drivers get very little to no training for transporting passengers even though they are specifically paid by Lyft to transport passengers.
  • Lyft is entirely app-based and the cellphone supporting the app in their vehicle can be distracting for the driver. Drivers are often driving one passenger to his or her destination and lining up the next job on their device at the same time.
  • Insurance coverage has been one of the biggest issues with Lyft and other rideshare companies. There is often a battle between Lyft’s insurance company and the driver’s insurance company and it sometimes leaves innocent injured people without coverage for the injuries and damages they sustained.

Understanding Rideshare Law And Insurance Companies

California has passed a rideshare law, which requires more insurance coverage and implements rules regarding liability for accidents. This law is meant to be helpful for people in California who are involved in rideshare accidents, but our attorneys still find that insurance companies sometimes try to avoid paying their fair share. This is why it is important to hire an attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable in rideshare law and will advocate on your behalf. When insurance companies offer you a settlement amount that is below a fair amount for your claim and you do not have an attorney, getting a fair settlement may be significantly more difficult.

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