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Facing DUI Charges Requires Experienced Representation

Drunk driving is a crime and drunk drivers should be criminally prosecuted, but criminal prosecution does not help the innocent people who are injured or killed in drunk driving accidents. People who are injured in car accidents caused by drunk drivers often sustain serious injuries that result in costly medical expenses and other financial hardships. When an innocent person sustains injuries and damages as a result of a drunk driving accident, they deserve to be fully compensated and the drunk driver should be held accountable.

The Accident Investigation Process

It is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible when it comes to a drunk driving accident. Evidence needs to be discovered and gathered in order to build a solid case against the defendant and attorneys need as much time as possible to conduct an accident investigation. Attorneys will often hire accident reconstruction experts and medical experts for consultation and testimony. They will also review police records and medical records and speak with accident witnesses.

Other Possible Liable Parties

In California, a seller or provider of alcohol is typically not liable for serving alcohol to a person who later causes a drunk driving accident. There are exceptions, however and those are generally for circumstances where people have provided alcohol to a minor or employers who have provided alcohol to an employee who subsequently caused a DUI accident.

How Insurance Companies Work

It is recommended that plaintiffs do not speak with defendants’ insurance companies that contact plaintiffs after an accident. They will usually ask for the plaintiff’s version of accident events and inquire about the injuries he or she sustained as a result of the accident. Insurance companies will look for ways to use the plaintiff’s words to limit the defendant’s and insurance company’s liability and call into question the nature and extent of the plaintiff’s injuries.

Another tactic often used by the insurance company is to offer the plaintiff a settlement in exchange for a waiver of liability. They will frequently try to settle quickly before plaintiffs have spoken with an attorney and before plaintiffs discover the full extent of their injuries. Insurance companies will not advise plaintiffs of the true value of their claim and the damages they are entitled to recover with hopes that plaintiffs will agree to settle for an amount that is significantly less than the amount the claim is actually worth.

Defending Yourself From A Wrongful Death Case

When someone suffers fatal injuries in a drunk driving accident, his or her close family members may sometimes bring a wrongful death claim. Close family members suffer significant harm when they lose a loved one due to someone else’s fault and they deserve to be compensated for damages such as loss of financial support, the value of household services, and loss of love and companionship.

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