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Side Impact Car Accident
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Injured In A Side Impact Car Accident? We Can Help

A side-impact accident occurs when one vehicle hits the side of another vehicle. This type of car accident, which is also referred to as a side-swipe crash or T-bone collision, typically occurs at intersections. Statistically speaking, side-impact car accidents account for a quarter (25%) of all nonfatal injuries in motor vehicle collisions across the United States, and more than 21% of all traffic deaths in our country.

T-bone accidents are considered one of the deadliest types of auto accidents, mainly because there is little structure protecting the driver or passenger from direct impact. Our side-impact car accident attorney from The Hayes Law Firm explains that the sides of the vehicle have the least resistance to absorb the force of a collision.

Injuries Can Quickly Become Serious

As absurd as it may sound, a driver is more likely to survive a head-on crash than a side-impact accident, because there are more layers of metal and steel in the frontal part of a vehicle than it is on its side, where a driver is only protected by the door and window. In fact, even side-impact airbags cannot completely protect occupants from a powerful force of a collision.

Given the severity of side-impact car accidents, victims of these crashes often suffer devastating and life-threatening injuries, which can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses, as well as lost wages, pain and suffering, and a plethora of other economic and noneconomic losses and damages.

Causes Of Side-Impact Or T-Bone Accidents

Generally speaking, the most common causes of side-impact car accidents include failure to follow traffic rules, distracted driving, drunk and drugged driving, aggressive driving, reckless driving, and speeding. To be more specific, the vast majority of side-impact crashes are caused by:

  • Left-hand turns: A vehicle turning left can be T-boned by vehicles from oncoming traffic when the latter fail to yield the right of way to drivers who turn left.
  • Yellow-red traffic light violations: Motorists who fail to yield the right of way at intersections and accelerate to run red lights can get into a devastating side-impact collision.
  • Running a stop sign or light: Many T-bone accidents occur when motorists fail to stop at a controlled crossing and end up T-boning another vehicle.
  • Uncontrolled intersection: A side-impact collision can occur at an uncontrolled intersection when one of the motorists fails to slow down or yield the right of way to crossing traffic.
  • Highway: Not all T-bone crashes occur at intersections, as a side-impact collision can be caused by a driver who loses control of his/her vehicle or falls asleep behind the wheel while driving on a highway.

How A Car Accident Attorney Can Help

Injuries caused by side-impact crashes depend on the circumstances of each particular case, but some of the most common include fractured bones, back and neck injuries, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, and many others.

Unfortunately, many victims of side-impact collisions underestimate the importance of seeking legal help after a T-bone accident. Trying to make sense of what goes into the process of recovering damages after a side-impact accident can be tough.

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