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Electric Car Accident
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Understanding Your Rights After An Accident

Although electric cars are a relatively new trend in the United States, an electric car accident attorney can help you obtain compensation even if your insurance company is trying to convince you that you are not eligible to get compensated.

Despite all the environmental benefits and the ability to save money if you choose to drive an electric car over its gas-powered counterpart, electric cars can be quite dangerous, mostly due to the fact that they make less noise (pedestrians cannot hear them coming) and can be powered by defective or faulty batteries.

Pedestrians And Bicyclists Are At A Greater Risk Of Colliding With An Electric Car

Compared to gas-powered motor vehicles, electric cars make very little sound. When pedestrians are crossing the street or bicyclists are riding through an intersection, they usually have time to get out of the way and avoid a collision with a car, which makes noise as it approaches.

With electric cars, however, avoiding such a collision can be difficult, because these vehicles run quietly due to not having to cause fuel engines to work. That’s why pedestrians and bicyclists are at a greater risk of getting into a car accident involving an electric car simply because they do not hear the car coming. If the driver is distracted at the time of the collision, it increases the risk of a fatal accident.

Even though electric cars benefit the environment, they create more dangerous situations for pedestrians and bicyclists. Although most people would think that quietness is one of the advantages of owning an electric car, it can actually become a major cause of concern for adults and children who get around on foot or bike.

Hazards Associated With Dangerous Batteries In Electric Cars

But the fact that electric vehicles make less noise than gas-powered motor vehicles is not the only hazard associated with driving this type of vehicle. You may or may not know that electric cars are powered on lithium-ion batteries. Unlike quietness, which endangers the lives of people not inside the electric car, dangerous batteries put the occupants of the vehicle at risk of injury or death.

These vehicles have a lithium-ion battery that powers the car. These batteries contain hazardous materials, which can explode when exposed to moisture. In other words, water causes the chemicals inside the batteries to heat, which can eventually cause the battery to catch fire and burn at over 840 °F degrees.

Although electric car accidents caused by lithium-ion batteries are rather rare, it does not change the fact that these accidents do happen from time to time. The more electric cars we will see on our roads in the coming years, the higher the risk of accidents caused by batteries catching fire. And the most bizarre thing that these batteries do not necessarily have to be defective to ignite, which means suing the auto manufacturer can be tricky in this type of accident.

An Electric Car Accident Is No Different From Any Other Car Accident

Also, keep in mind that electric cars pose many of the same risks as regular cars. A driver operating an electric car is just as likely to not obey traffic rules as a motorist driving a gas-powered car. Recovering damages after an electric car accident is very similar to the process of seeking compensation for damages and losses suffered in a regular car accident.

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Since electric cars are a rather new phenomenon on our roads, many insurance companies deny personal injury claims filed by people who were injured in electric car accidents. If that’s the case, it is highly advised to speak to an experienced car accident lawyer. Contact The Hayes Law Firm to schedule a free consultation today. Call our offices at 323-693-1052.