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South Shore Recalls 322,000 Dressers 2 Years After Child’s Death
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South Shore Recalls 322,000 Dressers 2 Years After Child’s Death

| May 10, 2019 | Uncategorized |

It’s very alarming when companies allow products that are dangerous to remain on the market. That appears to be the case with the Libra 3-drawer dresser from South Shore. This dresser has caused at least one death—a 2-year-old child from Buffalo, New York, died of asphyxiation in 2017 when the dresser fell on top of her. Even after learning of the child’s death and being informed of the tip-over danger by Consumer Reports, South Shore doesn’t appear to have acted soon enough. And that’s a problem for consumers.

If you or someone you love has been injured or even died as a result of a faulty or dangerous product, the Hayes Law Firm wants to help. Our Montebello product liability attorney can help you hold the manufacturer responsible for any damages resulting from their products.

The Libra dresser was sold at Walmart, Amazon and Target. At Target, it was sold under the name Simply Basics 3 Drawer Dresser). The Consumer Product Safety Commission, which announced the recall yesterday, says that the recalled units are “unstable if not anchored to the wall, posing serious tip-over and entrapment hazards that can result in death or injuries to children.” Most of the dressers were sold in the United States, while around 11,000 were sold in Mexico and Canada. Health Canada issued its own recall alongside the CPSC announcement in the U.S.

Failed Tip-Over Tests

South Shore was aware of the unit’s potential to tip over, according to Consumer Reports, the agency that tested the dresser in 2018 for this specific problem. Upon learning of the results of the tip-over test, South Shore responded to Consumer Reports that the dresser was “not subject to the voluntary stability standard because it only applied to dressers greater than 30 inches in height.”

The CPSC learned about the child’s death in early 2018, although South Shore was not made privy to the information until July of that year. Still, even knowing about the death, the company waited nine additional months before recalling this dangerous piece of furniture. This fact underscores the need for better policing of dangerous products since we can no longer rely on companies to put consumer’s safety above profits.

Consumers who own this dresser are warned to stop using it immediately, particularly if it is not properly anchored to the wall and children are underfoot. Consumers can opt for a refund of the dresser or request a tip-over restraint kit from the company.

Next Steps

We have consumer protection laws in place in our country to stave off the bad products that make it to our store shelves, but they don’t always work as intended. When companies put negligent products in the hands of consumers, they face the liability that comes along with it. You can collect damages from at-fault companies if you are injured or harmed by a dangerous or faulty product. Trust the Hayes Law Firm and our team of Montebello product liability attorneys to take these companies to task and collect the damages you are due. Call us at 323-477-1415 to set up a free case consultation today.